Welcome to Mom Goes Simple!

Mom Goes Simple was created to be an informative and hopefully entertaining blog where I share what I’m learning as I embark on my new career as a stay at home mom.

I will talk about the things that brought me to the decision to quit my stable job, how I worked it out in my head and the steps I took to insure it was the right decision.

My favorite activity  in the whole wide world is reading! My perfect day is being stuck in the house on a rainy or snowy day with my fuzzy fleece socks and a great book! IMG_1779

I also enjoy exercise. I am a runner (slow, but I run) and have completed many 5K’s, one 10K and a 10 miler. I have also raced in two muddy obstacle races.

.  53130013

My next goal is a half marathon! In addition to running, I love my boot camp and spinning class as well as walks and bike rides with my family. I also LOVE to bake..which is one big reason I run!!  Cupcakes are my favorite but I love anything lemon and of course, chocolate.

My family consists of my husband Steve, my son Joshua and my daughter Avery. I also have two furry children, our cats: our crabby old lady  Tinky  is 18 years old and our little monster  Sprinkles, who is 1 1/2  years old.

Take off your fuzzy socks and stay awhile! 🙂


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