I made vanilla extract!

vanilla extract new

I had NO idea how easy it is to make my own vanilla extract! 2 ingredients: vodka and vanilla beans…seriously! That’s it people!
First I ordered these pretty glass bottles from http://www.specialtybottle.com
They have an awesome selection and very reasonable prices! Or use your empty extract bottle. I guarantee you’ll never buy it again once you see how easy it is.
Then go gaze at all the wonderful items on http://www.beanilla.com
I ordered the Madagascar Vanilla Beans.

Then on your next trip to the liquor store to stock up on your wine for girls night (or..”hubby is away and mommy needs a drink” night), buy some vodka! Brand doesn’t matter.

You should use 2 vanilla beans to every 4 ounces of vodka. Remove the beans from package and cut in half. Then split the beans in half lengthwise. Put the vodka and beans in the bottle, making sure the vodka covers the beans. It will need to sit in a dark space for about 5 weeks. Every week, remove bottle and shake up a little bit. When it’s done you have those luscious bits of loose vanilla bean which is part of what gives this an edge over the store bought variety. Drool.
As the vodka gets low, you can top up a few times for a fresh batch.
For someone who enjoys baking like I do, this was such a fun discovery!! Now…off to make some chocolate chip cookies!


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