Stop smiling crazy! Look at mommy! Oh hell…

dec 12 103

These are my two little people. They go by many nicknames but the most frequently used are Munchkin Man for the boy and Sweet Potato for the girl.
I wish I could say this picture was just them randomly being silly for the camera but pretty much ANY picture I take that has both of them in it, looks like this. If one is smiling normally, the other looks deranged. If one looks deranged, the other is smiling serenely. I’ve worked up many a sweat trying to get ONE decent picture of them both smiling normally AT THE SAME time. I gaze wistfully at pictures my friends post of their multiple kids, all looking at the camera, all smiling genuinely. Sigh….
My only consolation is all the crazy pictures are filling up my blackmail files and one day, years from now when Joshua’s girlfriend comes over, I will whip out some of these pictures. Then it will all be worth it…

(insert evil laugh here…)


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