Injuries suck

It seems like every time I get in a great workout groove and am ready to increase mileage on my runs, I get injured. It sucks. A few weeks ago I was having a lot of foot pain, to the point where I could not run at all, it hurt just to walk. I called up my trusty podiatrist and made an appointment. Turns out, I developed plantar fasciitis. You can read about it here:

I have to make sure I do a lot of stretching and I have to wear this lovely foot brace at night. foot

Sexy eh’?? Hey, at least my nails are painted!
Anyway, I spent a couple days feeling a little sorry for myself…then yelling at myself for it because the Boston bombings had just happened and who cares about my stupid little foot injury!
The thing is, I’ve been wanting to switch up my routine a bit, it was getting a little stale and I was losing some enthusiasm for my workouts. Not a good thing. The doctor said I can do elliptical machines and spinning so I grabbed the class schedule from my gym and started trying out some new classes. Turns out, I found some classes I really like!! One is a Brazilian Booty class and oh my aching booty…it’s a good one!
There is also a great spin class right before that so it’s back to back booty work on Monday’s!
I’m also looking at some good weight training routines since I’ve gotten away from that in the past couple years.
So even though I was forced in to making the change, it’s been a positive change. And a little muscle confusion is always a good thing to help you achieve your fitness goals!


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