One tough broad! Happy Mother’s Day


That’s how I think of my Gramma! Today is Mother’s Day and my Gramma is on my mind. Although she’s still with us, we lost her to Alzheimer’s some years ago. What a shitty disease that is. Takes the person away from you long before their physical body leaves. But, there are still pieces of her with us and they come out in little glimmers once in awhile. Those are what you try to focus on. Being far away from her, it’s always a shock to me when I go visit her in the nursing home. It feels like in the year that I don’t see her, she ages 10 years.
My grandparents farmed in rural Wisconsin and raised 14 children. I spent so much time running around on the farm when I was growing up. Mostly, my cousin Briana and I would seek out the new kittens in the barn. No wonder we’re both crazy cat ladies now.. Or we’d raid Gramma’s garden. Briana would eat all the green beans, I would eat all the pea pods. I wish I could say I inherited her green thumb but I think that all went to Bri!
I can still vividly see the farmhouse and the bedroom we stayed in on our overnight visits. We’d snoop through the hope chest and find our mom’s old report cards. Or we’d go through the old clothes. Gramma and Grampa were polka dancers, Gramma had twirly skirts and I specifically remember a pair of white patent leather boots! Then we might go in to our Aunt’s room when she still lived there and snoop through her make up and try on her shoes (sorry Shari!).
Gramma used to make homemade bread too and it was a real treat if you were there when they first came out of the oven! Absolute heaven!! I now own two of her old bread pans and I can’t look at them without thinking of her.
She was such a strong women who didn’t take any bull shit! That’s how I remember her and that’s what makes me smile.
Happy Mother’s Day to my Gramma, my mom and all the women in my life that make such an impact in my life!


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