Horse poop and a 3 year old boy

Since my children began talking, I’m amazed at the things that they say, but also at the things I hear come out of our mouths as parents!

Joshua, like most boys, is obsessed with potty humor. It started at an early age and now even at 9, I can’t see that he’s anywhere close to outgrowing this phase.
One day when he was about three, someone was riding a horse down our street. This is a very rare occurrence because we’re not exactly in a rural area. Later when Steve got home, I told him and he said “Oh yeah, I noticed a big pile of poop in the road. Of course, Joshua heard this and wanted to check this pile out for himself. So the boys went on a walk to get a good look. After they returned, I was regaled with stories all about the poop! After a little while, we were heading out to dinner and Joshua was very excited to show me the poop so we drove by but it was on the wrong side for me to see it up close (because of course, I HAD to see it up close..). So Steve turned the car around and we drove back down the street to get a better view. We finally started to head back out of the neighborhood but Joshua wanted us to turn around again and go see the poop. We said no, and because he was 3, a huge tantrum ensued. Over horse poop. Then I heard Steve say to him “Stop crying and be a good boy or when we get back, we won’t show you the horse poop!” I immediately burst out laughing. This was our reward for him “If you are good, we’ll show you a giant pile of horse shit!” But ya know what? 3 year olds aren’t exactly logical and guess what? It worked. Joshua said “Ok”. Tantrum stopped and after dinner, he was rewarded with a second viewing of horse shit.
Parenting win.


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