Momma’s new shoes


Last week I took a Good Form Running Clinic sponsored by a local running store. After recovering from Plantar Fasciitis, I knew I wanted to make sure my form was good before I got back in the groove. After the clinic, he evaluated our running form on the indoor track. And of course, I had to take advantage of a coupon and get myself some decent running shoes(aren’t they pretty??). I’m pretty sure cheap shoes/bad form are what caused the injury in the first place! It was a bit of information overload but he said the best thing to do is focus on one improvement per run. It could be to lean slightly forward, land mid foot, or to use a smaller, more compact cadence.
Today was my inaugural post-injury run. I decided to focus on cadence and I felt pretty good. I started out with just under 3 miles and I really did feel more efficient with a shorter stride.
Next week I head to Wisconsin for a month and won’t have regular access to a gym. It will be a good time to start working on increasing my mileage and I’m looking forward to some nice runs in the country! That fresh country air is good for the soul! And the run will be a good way to burn off that yummy Wisconsin cheese!


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