My kids are weird, like, more than normal..

Maybe I should say, kids in general are weird…But sometimes I think mine are especially weird..Take today for example. We had to run to the store and get a loaf of fresh bread. This local supermarket carries the BEST french loaf ever. They bake it all day long. So pretty much any time you go in there, you can get it warm from the oven. Drool. A lot of times I make a special trip to this market solely for the bread. It’s that good. (I was also caught once taking a big bite out of the loaf while driving, but that’s another story..).
My kids love the bread too but I’m starting to think they might love it a bit TOO much. First they started fighting over who got to carry the bread out of the store. That’s really not weird to me, my kids will fight over ANYTHING. I flipped a coin to determine the winner and we paid for our bread. Avery won and she happily cradled the bread in her car seat. At the half way point home, it was Joshua’s turn. She lovingly kissed the bread and passed it off to her brother.
Sweet nothings were uttered.
To a loaf of bread…
We finally got home and as they were getting out of the car, this is what I see:

Told ya they’re weird.


3 thoughts on “My kids are weird, like, more than normal..

  1. OMG wendy i LOVE THIS STORY! who doesn’t love warm fresh bread! By the way i need to know this local supermarket so i can go buy and cradle some warm fresh bread! HA!

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