Fitness on vacation

So as I said in my previous post, I’m still in Wisconsin, which means I’m away from my normal gym routine for about a month. I’ve had to work a little harder to get in some fitness because I tend to get in that “vacation” mind-set. Which for me means: eating too much, sleeping in and relaxing! Which is just fine for one week but not four!
The first interesting thing I learned is that the minister that married my brother? Also a personal trainer who runs a small studio where my mom lives. Awesome!! So I’ve checked out her Facebook page and plan to try out one of her classes this week. Second, I was able to meet up with an online friend of mine who I met awhile back on a message board and who happens to live here! Such a small world. We met up at an exercise class on Thursday. It was a great class that incorporated TRX and circuits and I’m still sore 3 days later. I’ve also went for a walk and a run. The weather has been a little iffy with the usual Midwest thunderstorms. Sleeping in different beds has done a number on my back so today I’m devoting to stretching and more stretching.
Tomorrow’s plan, if the weather cooperates is a bike ride. I really, really love biking, running and walking where my parents live. I swear, the air is just so much fresher than back home. Even with the occasional cow poop smell!! The only thing I worry about is wild animals..seeing a bear is a possibility, although hopefully, pretty unlikely. Growing up, my dad always said they are more afraid of you than you are of them but that really doesn’t comfort me!! So when I’m at my dad’s (he’s more rural than my mom), I will probably stay in more populated areas. “Populated” of course is a relative term…the population in the town I grew up in is only 400..
Anyhoo, I will bring my camera, should I come upon any deer, turtles or other animals I won’t mind coming across!


2 thoughts on “Fitness on vacation

  1. I love that you tried a personal trainer. I go to one and it has really helped me figure out to workout while on vacation. I also struggle with figuring out how to incorporate a workout into my daily routine when I’d rather be eating and relaxing.

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