Greetings from Wisconsin-the wedding post

This blog post is being brought to you from Wisconsin! We are here for the much anticipated wedding!!
Wedding 641

Aren’t they a cute couple? I love weddings and it’s even more special when it’s your baby brother. And even better? We all love his new wife.
We arrived the Tuesday before the Saturday nuptials and it was a flurry of activity up to the day of the wedding! The wedding day was pretty cloudy and we were all pretty worried about rain because the ceremony was being held outdoors. However, not only did the rain hold off-but just as the bride said her vows, the sun shown on her face. We all considered this a sign from her mom who had passed away. The ceremony itself paid tribute to not only her mom, but our deceased grampa. They were married under the willow tree my grampa planted for my gramma over 80 years ago. And even more serendipitous? Both her mom and my grampa were both nicknamed Ya-Ya. Cool eh’??
The top picture is my grampa, the bottom is the bride’s beautiful mom:
Wedding 742

The setting was absolute beautiful and of course held special meaning to so many of us. My kids both took part in the ceremony, Avery as a flower girl and Joshua as a ring bearer. Here’s a picture of our family. Yes, I have a picture with more “normal” smiles but I figured this one was more representative to our family!
Wedding 729
The bride gave a nod to her half Mexican heritage and we walked from the ceremony site to the reception as spanish music played on the town speakers. Very festive!
Wedding 769

This is where small-town living is a definite plus. We walked right down the middle of Main Street and only ONE car had to go around us. haha!
After an awesome pig roast dinner and dance, we all crashed for the night.
I’m kinda sad it’s over but now I can spend the next few weeks just enjoying time with family. Now that I’m home full time with no job to rush back to, I’m absolutely savoring this abundance of TIME with family. Since I’ve moved, I’ve never been able to stay this long for a visit. I feel very lucky.
As I close this post, I just want to wish Dan and Cilena many years of happiness and abundance!! We love you guys!


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