Spongebob Birthday Party!

Today was Avery’s 6th Birthday party! Unfortunately, hubby was in England for work and couldn’t be here so I was hosting solo. However, I am blessed to have GREAT friends who helped me set up, clean up and co-host.
Avery chose Spongebob as her theme. I was expecting her to pick Hello Kitty but she decided somewhat last minute to go with Bob. Thanks to Pinterest, I had a couple good ideas for that theme.
I made this for photo ops:

And a game of “Pin the tie on Spongebob”

My dining room became Jellyfish Fields:

And I tried my hand at a new decorating technique called “flooding” to make these Patrick cookies:

I was pretty happy with the way all this turned out. There was, however, one dessert that did not exactly turn out. They were supposed to look like this:

This is how they came out:
Nailed it, don’t ya think??
Happy Birthday Miss Avery!


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