barrettes, headbands and clips, oh my!

Avery decided she wants to grow her hair AND her bangs out. Up to this point, she’s always had a cute, little bob. I loved this hair cut on her for a few reasons:
1. She hated hair accessories and never wore them so this style eliminated the need for them.
2. It was super easy. During those crazy mornings when I was trying to rush out the door with them to get to work, I didn’t even have to brush her hair!
3. She looked friggin’ adorable.
See?? 🙂

But, alas…she now voices her opinion (LOUDLY) on what she likes and doesn’t like as far as how she looks. So the deal was, she could grow her hair out if she let me brush it without complaint and if she wore hair accessories to try and tame it.
Now the problem became, where to store all these barrettes, headbands, and clips. They were quickly taking over the bathroom and starting to spread out all over the house. When I consulted with my trusty Pinterest boards, I found some really cute solutions. I envisioned something like this:

Off I went to Target to look for a frame. However, I got to thinking..I already had a ribbon board for pictures in Avery’s room. I could add a few Command hooks to the bottom and it would work perfectly for all the hair stuff! So I went back home, put a few hooks on and then loaded it up.
I love how it turned out!


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