The theme of this weekend was “Divide and Conquer!”

I am friends with a great group of people I’ve met through the gym and Saturday morning boot camp classes. 2 weeks ago, my friend Jen posted on Facebook asking if anyone was interested in doing a triathlon as a relay team. Another set of 3 friends was doing this same race. Before I had time to think about it too much, I volunteered to do the bike ride. Our other friend, Crystal, volunteered for the swim. It was a sprint tri which meant a half mile swim, 14 mile bike and 3.1 mile run. A few days later I was thinking to myself..what did I get myself in to?? But I got out my clunky old mountain bike and started to train. Since we signed up so last-minute, I didn’t have a whole lot of training time but I went out on a couple 10 mile rides and one 12 miler. I knew I could finish, I just wasn’t sure how fast I would be and I didn’t want to let my teammates down! A couple of days before the race, my friend Rhonda generously offered me the use of a race bike that her sister was letting me borrow. The night before the race, I took it out for a test run. WOW…so light!! It was really fun to ride and it got me even more excited for the race!
Saturday morning came and it was a gorgeous (albeit, a little cool!) morning! We were all a bundle of nerves! The swim portion was first and Crystal did fabulous! I personally think the swim portion is the hardest, not anyone can go out and swim a half mile. You not only have to know how to swim really well, but you need major endurance! She finished in 20 minutes and our friend Jen finished in 16! Amazing job ladies!!
Next up was the bike. It can be intimidating to see some of the professional looking bikes and riders but I just knew I had to focus on doing MY personal best! And I felt like I did that, finishing in 55 minutes. Here I am, attempting to run back to the transition area to give Jen the timing chip.

Rhonda, our other teams biker finished in 49! Next up was our runners, Jen and Lisa. They finished in a speedy 28 and 27 minutes respectively. Great job!! And the best news? Our friends came in FIRST for the relays and we came in THIRD! Not bad for throwing a team together 2 weeks before the race! Yahoo!!
It really meant a lot to us that our trainer Liz gathered up a bunch of our fellow teammates and they came down to cheer us on and meet us at the finish! I feel so blessed to be a part of this awesome and inspiring group of women!!

After the race, I went home and got in to “mom mode” and went immediately to Avery’s first soccer game. I didn’t even have time to wash off my race numbers but I wore them with pride anyway.
Next up for our team-Rugged Maniac!!


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