Weekly challenge update #1…Kinda..

Ok, so it’s been over a week and I haven’t updated yet on my first weekly challenge. Oops…
I’m thinking I should have waited until AFTER the kids went back to school to start this challenge! Not only has it been difficult to find the time to do the actual challenges but it’s hard to find the time to blog about it!


If you remember, the first challenge was to get out of my car immediately upon arriving at the gym. No more wasting time checking emails, Facebook or other time sucks. In doing this, I was going to gain probably 15 minutes in my workout. That was a success. Yay! It really wasn’t that hard but still… Yay!
Second challenge was to try a new fruit or vegetable. While I have said “new foods” in my house right now (eggplant), I haven’t had any time to look for a recipe or preparation tips!! So as we head in to a new week, I’m carrying that one over and will update when we all try the eggplant.

My newest challenge this week will be to practice hill sprints. Oh how I hate running up hills..But every week I attend boot camp and every week, we run up a big-ass hill. And every week that bastard makes me feel so out of shape!!! So the only way to get better, is to practice. So EVERY OTHER day, I will run up the hill near my house. I’ll start with 3 times and if I survive that, I will increase the time. I wonder if I should warn the neighbors they will see a miserable looking, sweaty lady running back and forth past their house, possibly ok, ok.. definitely mumbling expletives..


So hills and eggplant this week!!


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