Week 2! Challenge update: I still hate hills

Well, hills still suck. My first run involved running up the hill at the beginning of my run and then I did it one more time at the end of my run. Strangely, I thought running the hill at the end of my workout would be worse but it was actually better. Don’t get me wrong, there was still plenty of swearing involved… But at the start of my workout, I ran at a pretty slow pace up the hill. Then I finished my 3 mile run and came back to the neighborhood to conquer the hill again. This time I just wanted the damn thing OVER with, so I ran as fast as I could up it. And it was better. I mean, I still felt like I might pass out and die at the top…but getting it over with was easier mentally. And as any runner ( I use that term loosely when referring to myself!), running is 95% a mental game!
So my plan of attack for boot camp on Saturday was to speed to the top! But this time she switched things around a bit and only made us go up half the hill. So I just applied the speed to that and it was much more manageable. We’ll see how it translates to the FULL hill though..

Next up: Eggplant!
And one word for it: Ewww…. I don’t know if that’s really a word but that’s the word I would say my face made when I saw it cooked. I think it was the texture that got me the most…just…ewww…
So ok, no eggplant for me!

Now, on to next week’s challenges!

I know a lot of people say “Everything in moderation, you can’t cut out entire food groups!”. Ok, ok, I agree to a point. But I also know my body and when I do cut down on carbs (notice I said, cut down, not cut OUT), it absolutely makes a difference. So this week’s challenge is to eat all my carbs BEFORE noon. What this means is basically, I will have a healthy breakfast and snack but lunch and dinner will be carb free (or, very minimal).
On that note, when I was in Wisconsin, my mom shared a cereal she’s been making for breakfast and I really love it! I was very dubious at first because it didn’t look very appetizing (my kids say it looks like pet food!). But it is delicious. Here is roughly what’s in it (all quantities are approximate):

1/2 cup All Bran cereal (not gonna lie, looks like twigs)
5 whole walnuts, broken apart (you can use almonds too)
1 T of raw wheat germ
1 T of chia seeds
very small handful of dried cranberries (mine are sweetened with apple juice)
1 packet of splenda

Here is what it looks like (minus the milk)

It is really yummy and very filling! It’s also full of fiber, so if you have trouble in that department, ahem…this will help!!

Next I will be doing a plank challenge. I have a handy little calendar with timed planks that a friend of mine posted on Facebook. I will use this to guide me, adjusting as I see fit. It starts with holding the plank for 1 minute and increasing in duration throughout the week/month. Because one week isn’t really very long for this one in particular, I’m going to keep planking for 2 weeks.



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