Words my kids mispronounce…and I don’t correct them.

Sometimes my kids mispronounce things and it’s just so funny or cute that I don’t bother to correct them. I mean, they’ll figure it out eventually, right?? I don’t think at age 35, they’ll be calling a “limbo” to pick them up at the airport..

Here is a sampling:

Cumberland Farms convenience store was called Cucumber Farms
The state of New Hampshire-New Hamster
A Mohawk hairstyle Mohog
A Limo is called a Limbo
A pinata is called a Piranha

And this might be something that my kids HATE me for sharing but I’m ok with that.
Because our oldest is a boy, the topic of his privates came up pretty early on. I’ve read in the past, from so-called “experts”, that you should call the privates by its proper term when talking to children. But seriously, saying “penis” to a 2-year-old was just too embarrassing! It just didn’t feel natural. So we called it a wiener or wee-wee. And everyone was fine with that! Well, then our second baby came along and she was a girl. Again, didn’t feel comfortable using the word “vagina” with a 2-year-old . And as much as I love the terms Va-Jay-Jay or Hoo-Ha…they didn’t seem right either. So she eventually started calling it her wiener. And I didn’t correct her..because honestly?? It was hilarious!
So now they’re both older and I have shared the “correct” names with them. As expected, it did induce a lot of giggles from me them. And they still both call it wieners anyway. Sure, there’s probably a lot of potential for embarrassing situations to come out of this..especially given my past history, I’m not very good at thinking on the spot either when topics like this come up. For example, when Avery was 4, she started asking about HOW a baby gets in a belly, she may have said something about building a baby out of play-dough..and I MAY have said “YES! That’s how it gets in there…” Hey, don’t blame me! I was NOT ready for that question yet!! Joshua was 3 years older and STILL hadn’t asked that! So anyway, eventually the kids will know the proper pronunciations and the correct terms and how babies get in there (I think it has something to do with the hoo-ha).
Until then, I’m going to savor the hilarious things the munchkins say and not correct them in the hopes of extending their childhoods, just a tiny bit!


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