Clothes shopping as a stay at home mom

I’m having a bit of a fashion crisis.
I like to shop for clothes. And shoes. Especially shoes!! When I worked outside the home, I was in an office setting and while suits weren’t required, I enjoyed shopping for nice pants, sweaters and high heels. I always felt good about myself dressed up.
Now I’m home and I have no need to dress up on a daily basis. This is great and for the most part I do enjoy it. But I’m trying to evolve in to cute but casual clothing choices…which really doesn’t explain why I bought these:

20130926_123322 (1)

I was in Wal-Mart because a friend said they have great workout clothes for cheap. And then I saw these and I thought “Ooh..winter is coming..those look warm!”. I am ALWAYS cold. I’ve been known to wear 2 pairs of fleece socks, sweatpants and 2, sometimes 3 shirts. In the house…with the heat set to 70. It’s kinda ridiculous. But that’s just how I am. And that’s why these pants spoke to me.
Then I turned the corner and saw these:


And I bought them too, which I’m currently wearing with a big pair of fleece socks. I went from shopping at Macy’s and The Limited to the Wal-Mart pajama section (but I swear, I will NOT wear these WHILE shopping in Wal- Mart..pinky promise!). These are for my family’s eyes only.
My husband is one LUCKY man…
So needless to say, my fashion transformation is a work in progress.


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