And that’s why they call it a “challenge”

Yeah….so my last challenge (which I had to go back and look up because I was so off the challenge I forgot what it even was!) was planks and low carb eating.
And I failed miserably at both! Life simply got in the way! I’m sure most people can relate, there are some days/weeks/months that you can just barely keep your head above water. And that’s how the last few weeks have been for me. I could make a list of excuses of why I didn’t do my challenge but I will spare you!
What I WILL do is start fresh. Because next week is a new week and so far (fingers crossed!): my calendar is pretty clear! And because I LOVE making my little lists and planning things, I will sit down and schedule in the things I need to be healthy. Wish me luck!!

One really FUN thing I did this past weekend was the Rugged Maniac! It’s a 5K obstacle course with lots of MUD. I did it with a team of about 12 other people and we it was such a blast. If you decide to try one of these races, I highly recommend doing it with a team-not only for the emotional support but sometimes, the physical support!! A few of us were scared of heights and it really helped to have our teammates on the other side encouraging us over the very high walls. And sometimes, our butts needed a little boost, especially for us short girls!


This was the BEST part of the race-a giant slide in to a small pond of muddy water!

Next up is a 5K with a theme-Electric Run. Held at night, there is music and glow sticks galore! Should be a good time. And it’s not timed which is good because I haven’t been running that much lately! I think this one will be a fun night out with the added bonus of a little physical activity.


4 thoughts on “And that’s why they call it a “challenge”

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