More homemade stuff, more money savings!

As some of you know, I’m already making my own laundry detergent and stain spray for laundry, as well as homemade vanilla. The laundry detergent alone is saving me a bundle because that stuff is expensive to buy and I do at least two loads of laundry per day, more on sheet cleaning days! Today I decided to make homemade fabric softener and a batch of homemade Clorox wipes.
And forgive the pictures, I never said I was professional photographer but you’ll get the idea! 🙂

The following recipes are super simple!

Homemade Fabric Softener

    Here’s what you need:


    Hair conditioner (any cheap stuff will do, I used Suave), vinegar (cause pretty much ALL household cleaners have this in it: Embrace the vinegar), water, and a container of your choice. There’s a couple of options here depending on how you use the fabric softener… You could put it in a spray bottle, spray a wash cloth and put it in with your load or you could pour it in your fabric softener cup of the washing machine (that’s what I’m doing). I’ve also read you could spray the wash cloth and put it in with the dryer load as your dryer sheet (haven’t tried that yet but I will!).
    It helps to warm up the conditioner before you add it, it will mix better. Then you just mix all the ingredients together. That’s it! So easy! Some people choose to add essential oils but I prefer a clean, minimal scent.

    Next up:
    Clorox Wipes


Keep those empty containers of the wipes you buy, or you can use any airtight container. Then you need dawn soap (I use generic), water, alcohol and some old rags you can cut up to your preferred size.

Put all the cut up rags in to the container. Mix up the liquids and pour over the rags.

That’s it! Once they soak in, they are ready to use. These also have the added benefit of reducing waste because you can wash and reuse them!

I’ve been tempted to try making dishwasher detergent. But we have really bad luck with dishwashers and I have a fear that my “homemade concoction” will cause another one to bite the dust! So more research needs to be done before I tackle that one!


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