Why you should make friends at the gym

I am way overdue on a blog post. Who knew I would be this busy when I quit my job?!?
Anyhoo, I’m back with a piece of fitness news to share: I just agreed to participate in a half ironwoman triathlon. I will be participating with a team and doing the bike portion-56 miles! This summer I took part in a sprint triathlon with my friends Crystal and Jennifer as a relay team. It was a half mile swim, 5K run and 14 mile bike ride. We had a lot of fun but now they want to up the ante! I’m not going to lie…I was hesitant. Very. First, because I have a heavy, old mountain bike and that thing is NOT meant for long bike rides. But this just gives me more incentive to save up money for a new bike. Lots of occasions for gifts coming up too so I already know what I’ll be asking for my birthday, Christmas and Mother’s day! Bike Money! The second reason I was hesitant…because it’s 56 miles! I don’t even like to drive that far! And last, because it’s a lot of pressure being a part of a relay team because you REALLY don’t want to let down your teammates. But the last time we did the sprint tri, we also had another team of friends doing one and they are also signed up for the half. And they all encouraged me to go for it. Ahh..peer pressure at it’s finest!! Remember back in middle school when we were all lectured on the dangers of peer pressure??



Who knew some day it would apply to something as positive as this!
So yes, the girls got to me and I signed up. The race isn’t until June so I knew I would have plenty of time to train.
We all know fitness is good for us but this is just one more reason making friends at the gym can be a positive thing. I know some people prefer to workout independently and that’s fine, I used to be one of them. sometimes I still prefer a solitary workout. But there have been many times (many, many!) that I’ve NOT wanted to get out of bed at 5am to exercise but I committed to meeting a friend at the gym. So I went. And I NEVER regret it. And now I have this whole new network of friends that I can tap in to for motivation, support and positive influence. Now when I need to get a good run in, I can send the group a message and see if anyone else wants to go. Because they are ALL better runners than I am and when I am with them, I push myself much further than I ever would on my own.

So wish me luck as I embark on the next fitness challenge!!


One thought on “Why you should make friends at the gym

  1. I love that post and you are so right, making friends at the gym is wonderful and it’s like you gain this other little family of support!

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