I’m sensing a pattern….

I seem to be posting with a certain pattern..first I post about my fitness/health goals. Then I follow it up with a sinful dessert post. WTF. No wonder I need to work out like a maniac!
Anyway, in the spirit of post-Halloween sugar crash, I am sharing this:


I like to call these little bad-boys “Sinful Brownies”. I really just wanted to use up some of the candy the kids received on Halloween. I wonder, at what point do they start to notice that their bag gets smaller and smaller by the day but they are only eating a piece or two at a time?? Between bringing some to work, some to friends and making a dessert or two out of them (alright, and maybe eating a few myself..shh..), they have way less than they came home with! But so far, they are none the wiser!

We were invited to a game night and so I made the brownies to bring with. They were a big hit and SUPER easy!

I started with a box of brownie mix, the kind that comes with frosting. I’m usually a homemade baked goods kind of girl but I’ve never been able to find a brownie recipe that beats the box!

Prepare the box according to the recipe. Next, crush up whatever kind of candy you want to use. I used m&m’s, twix and kit kats.

Once the brownies have baked AND cooled, you can use half the frosting packet and just drizzle a little on the top of the brownies. I did this just so the candy would have a little base to stick to.


Next, spread the crushed up candy on the brownies. Finish it off by drizzling the remaining frosting over the top.
Drool. Let’s just say, I’m glad I brought these to a friend’s house. I had one and left the rest there!



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