Our newest family member! And why I have puppy-mom guilt

Introducing Chewie!!


Isn’t he adorable?? He’s a 10 week old Cockapoo which is apparently one of those “designer breeds”. A LOT of thought and research went into this decision but I’ve still felt some guilt over this. One reason is I am a big fan of rescuing pets from shelters and a big supporter of our local shelters. Both our cats are rescues. However, because of things that happened in the past, we decided the safest decision for our family was to get a dog as a puppy so that we knew the background of the dog. There are a lot of AWESOME older dogs in shelters but we just could not chance it this time. The next requirement for Steve was it had to be part poodle because he wanted a minimal shedding dog (apparently the cat hair everywhere is a bit too much for him.. ha!). My requirement was that the dog would be of a smaller size. SO, my next guilt came from finding a breeder. I didn’t want to give ANY support to a puppy mill situation. I began searching breeders and was in contact with a woman in New Jersey who bred the cockapoos (half poodle/half cocker spaniel).
After asking her a LOT of questions, reviewing pictures of her pets and property, and hearing from past customers, we felt comfortable that she was not in it strictly for the money. She genuinely cares for her animals. We also personally had a lot in common.
So we waited for the litter to be born and she started her temperament testing. We spent a lot of time discussing the type of dog we wanted for our family and what was important to us (getting along with cats and kids being #1).
We brought him home at 8 weeks and we all fell in love! He’s a great little dog but man, I am glad I’m home full time because he is a LOT of work. We knew it would be and we were honestly very prepared for this. Potty training is tough, the chewing is tough. It really is like having a newborn/toddler in the house again! But it’s all a stage and if you take the time and have the patience, you are rewarded with a wonderful, loyal family member!


We haven’t owned a dog in 9 years and I was pretty surprised when Steve agreed we should get one. This absolutely proves that little girls have their daddy’s wrapped around their fingers!! Because Avery has been pining for a dog for MONTHS and she finally wore him down. I’m thinking I might need to have her start asking for stuff for me!

I love my animals. A bed full of kids and pets makes me happy (well except at 3am when I’m trying to sleep!).



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