10 ways a puppy is just like a kid

10. Any schedule you had before, goes right out the window. With kids, you schedule things around nap time. With puppies, you schedule it around potty breaks.

9. Speaking of potty breaks. Potty training sucks. For kids and dogs it’s pretty much 1 step forward, 2 steps back. Just when you think they are all trained. They crap on the floor.

8. Say good-bye to sleep. When we first brought Chewie home, he was up every 3 hours. Just like our newborns. The plus is that, at least in our case, the time was accelerated for the dog. Within a few days, he was sleeping through the night. And with kids, you pretty much never sleep again.

7. And when they finally do sleep more than a few hours? You wake up in a panic thinking “maybe they’re not breathing!” or “Maybe they got stuck between the crib slats!” or “Maybe he was trying to get out of his crate and his head got caught!” Yes, I did this. So then you creep in to their room and wait until you see the inhale/exhale movement and you feel relived. Until they spot you and now they’re up and you’re screwed.

6. Is your dog getting on your nerves?? Put him in the crate. Is your toddler driving you nuts? Stick him in the playpen. Playpen/Crate= Same thing.

5. Everything goes in the mouth. Old piece of gum on the floor? It’s a race to see if the dog or the kid gets to it first.

4. Negative attention is better than no attention. If we happen to be ignoring the dog, he starts chewing on the couch. Or your leg. If one of the kids thinks they’re being ignored, they start drawing on walls or something.

3. Someone said “A tired dog is a good dog”. Same thing applies to kids! Isn’t that why we take them to playgrounds or make up a game that involves seeing how fast they can race ten times around the house? Just me? Okay..

2. You share an annoying amount of pictures on your Facebook/Instagram page of your new puppy/ cute kids. Because seriously, no one has a cuter puppy or more gorgeous kids and everyone should ooh and ahh over them! (seriously, mine are friggin’ gorgeous).

1. And no matter how much they drive you nuts, mess with your schedule or utterly exhaust you-one look from those cute little faces makes it all worth it!



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