A year of change

Happy Valentine’s Day!
To be honest, I really don’t give a crap about Valentine’s Day. In general, I hate going out to restaurants on major holidays and Valentine’s Day is one of the worst! Bad service, jacked up prices, you get the idea. Plus, our wedding anniversary is the following week and I would much rather celebrate that special day (and have already demanded hinted about the roses I want!).
It’s also my Gramma’s 95th Birthday!! As my 6 year old said “Whoa! She’s staying around awhile!!” haha!
Love you Gramma!

And now February 14th has another meaning: it’s the day I resigned from my job and became a stay at home mom. Today is my one year anniversary!
The past year has been a huge adjustment. Some things I expected but some I didn’t. I expected to have to make financial sacrifices and I even expected a few fights about money with Steve. But, for the most part, we haven’t had any big arguments about money. The main topic we’ve disagreed on? The house cleaning! You see…I’m sortof the man in this relationship when it comes to the house. Most of my friends complain that their husbands don’t pick up after themselves and they have to nag their husbands to get them to help clean up. In my house, Steve is the nag. The man HATES any kind of clutter. He’s always bringing home new filing systems in an effort to organize the papers. But I am a visual person, when there are things I need to address, I need to see the papers out. He also has a (unreasonably, if you ask me) high standard for how the house should look. And me? I’m not a slob but I’m not going to spend ALL DAY, EVERY DAY scrubbing floors. Plus I’m way too busy sitting on the couch eating bon bons..HAHA! I WISH!
Anyway, so there have been a few…shall we say… discussions? regarding the maintenance of the house.
I don’t think it’s all about the house cleaning, I think part of it is the division of labor has changed dramatically. When two parents work, it’s, we all hope, a partnership. One is wrangling the kids while one is cooking dinner. One cleans the kitchen while one gives baths. Now, my job is the home and kids so I tend to do all these things. So we’re working on communicating with each other in new ways and getting used to our new roles.
Another surprise? How BUSY I am! When you are a stay at home mom, you don’t have a quittin’ time. Of course, neither does a working mom, who goes from quittin’ time to home stuff. So I have learned to schedule in some down time when possible. But the difference is the things that keep me busy are mostly things I’m choosing to do. Volunteering at the school, taking classes, helping out friends, exercising, researching deals, and cleaning things I probably have not cleaned since we built this house. Shudder…
Speaking of researching deals? I’m couponing. Big time. I see how those people on “Extreme couponing” get so crazy. No, ‘m not dumpster diving (yet?) but I’m printing up lists and scenarios and combining coupons with sales…and it’s pretty darn fun! Last week I made a quarter buying toothpaste. That’s right, I’m still bringing home the bacon, one quarter at a time.. haha!
When I presented this whole idea of me staying home full-time, it was kind of a hard sell. So the biggest surprise came recently when I applied for and was offered a job. Turns out, none of us were ready for that. When the kids found out I was interviewing, Avery exclaimed “But who’s gonna take care of us?!?”. Joshua said “But who’s going to be there when we get off the bus?!?” When Steve found out I was offered the position, he said “But what about the kids in the summer?”
And ya know what? It felt pretty damn good to hear that. It was like validation that what I’m doing is having a positive impact on our home. And everyone needs to feel validated sometimes!
So, Happy One Year Anniversary to Me!


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