Ten Mile Race: Check!

Last weekend was “BIG RACE #1” of 2014, The Newport Ten Miler. My friend Lisa and I logged lots of miles in preparation so I felt pretty ready.
The day started out cloudy and a bit rainy but luckily it stopped raining and at race time it was cloudy with little peeks of occasional sun.
The course…oh my, the course…I’m so glad it had some gorgeous scenery because it was not easy. I’ve said in previous posts that I HATE hills and usually avoid them if at all possible but this course had quite a few of them! Luckily nothing too gargantuan but enough to have me dropping the F bomb at about mile 7 or 8 (I don’t swear very often). What saved me was the beauty of the course.
If you’ve been to Newport, RI and specifically Ocean Drive and Bellevue Avenue, you know what I mean when I say it was stunning!
Bellevue Avenue is known for the “summer cottages” of the rich during the gilded age. Here’s one of the cottages.


And here’s a view from run along Ocean Drive (excuse the fuzziness, I was running after all..)


The picture doesn’t even do it justice. I don’t know how many times we’d round a corner and I’d exclaim “Ahh! So beautiful!” It really was a great course with awesome views and made running ten miles (almost!) a pleasure.
The whole “ocean breezes” thing did work against us a bit at the end though. The last mile took us into Fort Adams State Park.

ft adams

Again, very pretty but we were suddenly running against the strong and COLD ocean breeze, the last mile felt never-ending!! But, we did it. I crossed the finish line with my friend Maggie and met our other two speedy finishers, Jen and Lisa.
We were too cold to stick around for a beer so we spotted this guy and got a picture before we headed home and limped in to our houses.


So now that I have that big run under my belt, my training focus is on the 56 mile bike ride in (gulp!!) 45 days! In between I have a couple 5K’s and an obstacle/mud run.
Just keep moving!


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